India is fast emerging as a worldwide power except for half its population, the ladies across the country, struggle to measure life with dignity and freedom. Women face problems in every sphere of life.

Whether employment, access to health care or property rights. India could also be fast growing but women in India still be discriminated. The declining sex ratio in India amply portrays the discrimination shown towards them that starts even before they’re born.




Around 45% per cent of married women in India are victims of violence. The increasing violence against women shown in television and films and their vulgar picture as objects of sex is also a decisive contributing think about the escalating violence against women in India. The crimes against women in India are growing at a uncontrolled speed. Women, regardless of their class, caste and educational status, aren’t safe.

Women are often empowered as long as they are given education and made conscious of their rights and hence they themselves to give importance to their lives. Violence has got to be completely eradicated from her life, then and only then can the dream of empowerment becomes a reality.